2-3 JUNE 2018 in CENICERO


As part of our homework for 2017 edition, we have double checked the 400 kms of distance that cover the 4 different routes. And, as it had to be, we identified great improvements that will make this authentic ride even better. Stay tuned as we will come back to you in short with more information.


The town of Cenicero will host the different activities of the forth edition of Eroica Hispania, which will run the weekend of June 2-3, 2018. In addition to the cycling day that will take place on Sunday, June 2nd the festival of Eroica Hispania will begin its activities on Saturday, June 2nd and will end on June 3rd.


Thanks to the partnership with the best travel agencies, Eroica Hispania is able to offer you the best choice of hotels and apartments to make your stay during the event a fabulous one.



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No bike, No problem

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Happy Campers

For an Heroic night

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Cenicero: Eroica Hispania’s City

Cenicero, home of the Eroica

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After Eroica Hispania, the celebration of classic cycling that gathered more than 800 enthusiasts, we are still receiving an intense and comforting feedback, through many e-mails and social media posts. As organizers of the event in Spain, we are thrilled and hugely grateful, not only because of the very positive inputs, but also because many of you are very kindly sharing with us their impressions, ride insights and suggestions on how to make the event and overall experience better. Thanks for to you all for making greater Eroica and Eroica Hispania.  

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