1.    Bikes: should be Road racing bikes built before 1987, both with and without gears. Still, reproduction bikes will be permitted, with steel frame new construction with vintage look and components similar to the originals. Basically, brake cables must pass outside the handlebars and gear shifters must be on the downtube. In this respect, the use of easier developments than the former ones. This is aimed to facilitate the raises and to make the hard sections simpler. Participants can use compact type chainrings and over 23 cassette without any problem.
2.    Apparel: the participants must do their best to preserve the vintage aesthetic or era specific. The helmet is compulsory and the event organization will be dismissed of any responsibility for the participants who will not wear one. 
3.    Advices and recommendations: it is important to do an adjustment of the bike before the ride. One of the aims of Eroica is to incentivise and help people take great care of their classic bike and maintain it in good conditions. In this sense, we recommend to use of tires and tubes in size 25. It is important to remember that every participant must take own supplies (tires and tubes, patches, removable, pump and Allen keys). During the ride, there will be some point of mechanical assistance, but each participant must take the tools needed. Last, we recommend that participants take a water can with them. Even if there will be many refreshments spots as well as fountains in the villages throughout the ride, the event organisers recommend to take own can to be able to re-put liquids during the ride.  



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