February 27, 2015

The City of Cenicero hides many secrets in its history, a vast history of epic and past cyclists, such as Olano, founder of the Bar Olano, located in the plaza del Ayuntamiento. He was one of adventurous people from La Rioja who dedicated his heart and soul to cycling, participating in many tours, including his much beloved La Rioja Cycling Tour. Upon retiring he opened his restaurant in Cenicero, a house of meals which houses numerous reminders of Cenicero's cycling history. Its walls watch over Federico Martín Bahamontes when passing through Cenicero. Bar Olano is synonymous to visiting the city and chatting about epic cycling while enjoying a good Rioja wine. If you are travelling through Cenicero, you must stop at the "Olano," where cycling, history, flavour and passion come together. The City of Cenicero keeps a history which we will gradually unveil.
See you next June at the "Olano" to bring history to life and write its next chapter, one which will belong to those who live, remember and write it. 




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