May 16, 2017

Every edition of Eroica Hispania comes with its new ideas, opportunities and experiences. 2017 could not be less, and we can already say that the coming edition will be a great harvest with Senses Delight, a brand-new concept of Feed Stop, brought by Torre de Oña to all the heroics who will complete the Longue, Medium and Short Routes.

Located midday of the Longue Route, the Torre de Oña winery is perfectly integrated in a truly exceptional environment, and its facilities provide a unique mix of the passionate world of wine with rest and relaxation. This elegant, comfortable and charming atmosphere will host one of the most amazing and spectacular feed stops Eroica has ever had. Best wine and tasty food will awaken your senses, for a major delight of this special moment. Few minutes very easy to enjoy, and so hard to forget. 




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