The Way of St. James and the way of Eroica

April 19, 2016

The Way of St. James and the way of Eroica, intertwined paths in Eroica Hispania. The Way of St. James is undoubtedly one of the most traditional pilgrimage routes in the world, a route which passes through La Rioja region on its Cantabrian itinerary, which is the point where the Way of St. James meets Eroica. This route has a long-standing cycling history and tradition, encompassing the lands of La Rioja, lands of wine and pilgrimage where we come across true gems of the Romanesque era, the lands which saw the birth of the Spanish language: route, voyage, history and bicycle.

The La Rioja stretch of the Way of St. James appears to be short on the maps, but it contains many of the symbols explaining why it has been declared the First European Cultural Route and a Universal Heritage of Humanity site. A route which leaves no one indifferent.
La Rioja has also been documented in reference to the passing through of the oldest well-known Jacobean pilgrim, and it was also the stage of the mythical Battle of Clavijo which enabled to justify the offering of the Voto de Santiago. As expected, the flavour and remembrance of the past await those who travel the Eroica route.

Giancarlo Brocci was very excited about the possibility of joining the Way of St. James with his beloved Eroica. One of his most important goals has been achieved thanks to Eroica Hispania, which we hope you will all enjoy next June.




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