The village of Cenicero will be the home of the many Eroica Hispania activities, and this during the entire weekend from the 2nd to 4th of June 2017. In addition to the bike ride that will take place on Sunday, Eroica Hispania’s festival will initiate activities on Friday.  

  • 17 - 21:30: Vending Area | Opening Vintage Fair with exhibitors and trade stands Calle de la Victoria - Plaza Dr. San Martín
  • 17 - 21: Collection of numbers & goody bag at Casa de la Cultura
  • 10 - 14: Collection of numbers & goody bag at Casa de la Cultura
  • 11: Vending Area | Opening. Vintage Fair with exhibitors and trade stands in Calle de la Victoria - Plaza Dr. San Martín
  • 11 - 21: Cycling Art Exhibition | Eroica Artist, Miguel Soro at Casa Eroica
  • 13: Oscar Robres Lecture - The cultural Legacy of Eroica Hispania at Valentín Pascual Wineries
  • 14 - 15: Popular Stew - Degustation of Potatoes a la Riojana at Plazoleta Ermita Virgen del Valle
  • 16 - 21: Collection of numbers & goody bag at Casa de la Cultura
  • 16 - 16:30: Technical brief for the registered riders at Auditorium Casa de la Cultura
  • 16:30 - 18:  Music live with Dani Molino, Spanish-born Folk/Rock singer/songwriter at Plaza de España
  • 17: Concours of Elegance Judging commence with B&O Play great prizes at Plaza de España
  • 18: Cenicero City Council Proclamation with the Councillor of Culture of Cenicero, Giancarlo Brocci and Marino Lejarreta at Plaza de España
  • 18:30 - 20: Music Live with The Nowhere Plan - The Beatles homage at Plaza de España
  • 20:15: Concours of Elegance Award presentation with B&O Play great prizes at Plaza de España
  • 20:30 - 21: Technical brief For the registered riders at Casa de la Cultura
  • 6 - 10: Collection of number & goody bags for late arrival at Casa de la Cultura
  • 6 - 7: Long Route Start window from Plaza de España
  • 07:30 - 9: Medium & Short Route Start window from Plaza de España
  • 10: Paseo Eroico Start from Plaza de España
  • 11 - 18:Vending Area - Vintage Fair with exhibitors and trade stands at Calle de la Victoria - Plaza Dr. San Martín
  • 10 - 18: Cycling Art Exhibition | Eroica Artist, Miguel Soro at Casa Eroica
  • 13:30 - 15: Arbusto "Family"  Street Performance by Sapo Productions Company


In this edition, and as we did last year, we propose a camping and caravan ground free for all the participants. It is located within the Cenicero swimming pool area and provides all the basic services required.   


Like in the previous edition, more than twenty exhibitors and artisans will expose their products, but this year this activity will be located in the Avenida de España, Cenicero’s main street that will be cut to traffic during the opening of the expo area. You will be able to purchase any kind of vintage, rare and treasurable products from the cycling golden age. The place to be for all the bike enthusiasts. 

A true must see and enjoy during the 3 glorious days of Eroica Hispania celebration. The Expo Area will opened from Friday, the 3rd of June until Sunday, the 5th, and as per now, brands such as Santini, Bianchi, Continental, Que Grande Ser Ciclista, KAS, Brook, etc. have confirmed their presence. 


During the whole week of Eroica Hispania, you will be able to visit the wineries of Cenicero, booking a guided tour ahead of time. In Cenicero, there are two of the most important wineries of La Rioja, Bodegas Riojanas and Marqués de Cáceres. You will also find one of oldest local wineries, Valentín Pascual winerie, that is located in the village square.
There is another must see visit, the Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture in Briones. An emblematic venue of 4,000 square metres devoted to valuing the relationship between man and wine over 8,000 years of history. All with a single goal: to educate, teach, spread and interact with wine as a civilising element. And all of it from experience, sensitivity, respect and innovation. There will be located one of the Eroica Hispania food and refreshment stops, where you will enjoy panoramic vistas.


1.    Bikes: should be Road racing bikes built before 1987, both with and without gears. Still, reproduction bikes will be permitted, with steel frame new construction with vintage look and components similar to the originals. Basically, brake cables must pass outside the handlebars and gear shifters must be on the downtube. In this respect, the use of easier developments than the former ones. This is aimed to facilitate the raises and to make the hard sections simpler. Participants can use compact type chainrings and over 23 cassette without any problem.
2.    Apparel: the participants must do their best to preserve the vintage aesthetic or era specific. The helmet is compulsory and the event organization will be dismissed of any responsibility for the participants who will not wear one. 
3.    Advices and recommendations: it is important to do an adjustment of the bike before the ride. One of the aims of Eroica is to incentivise and help people take great care of their classic bike and maintain it in good conditions. In this sense, we recommend to use of tires and tubes in size 25. It is important to remember that every participant must take own supplies (tires and tubes, patches, removable, pump and Allen keys). During the ride, there will be some point of mechanical assistance, but each participant must take the tools needed. Last, we recommend that participants take a water can with them. Even if there will be many refreshments spots as well as fountains in the villages throughout the ride, the event organisers recommend to take own can to be able to re-put liquids during the ride.  



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